Life lessons from revelation

The end of the world. How do you react to that thought? Does it make you afraid? Excited? Full of anticipation? Full of peace? The Apostle John was privileged to preview the end of the world. While in exile, he experienced an amazing vision that gave him a glimpse of heaven. He saw the final battle of good and evil. He saw God's justice. He witnessed the assured victory for believers in Christ as all hell broke loose and all heaven came forth. he saw Jesus, born in a manger, now triumphant over Satan. John's description stretches our imagination, fuels our anticipation, and comforts us as we await the final curtain call.

The life lessons with Max Lucado series brings the Bible to life in twelve lessons filled with intriguing questions, inspirational stories, and poignant reflections to take you deeper into God's Word. Each lesson includes an opening reflection, background information, an excerpt of the text, exploration questions, inspirational thoughts from Max, and a closing takeaway for further reflection. 

Join us in this powerful series!

Group Dynamics

Leaders: Thomas & Kisha Spiers

Contact info:

Days: Wednesdays

Times: 6:30pm

Start Date: 6/17/20

Location: CPC - Room 4

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Sessions At A Glance:

Lesson 1: A Vision of Christ

Lesson 2: Your First Love

Lesson 3: No Compromise

Lesson 4: Standing for the Truth

Lesson 5: Preserving for Christ

Lesson 6: Vibrant Faith

Lesson 7: Worshiping God

Lesson 8: Patient Endurance

Lesson 9: The Defeat of Evil

Lesson 10: All Things Made New

Lesson 11: An Eternal Dwelling

Lesson 12: Jesus Is Returning