ezekiel 37 study

In Ezekiel 37, God took Ezekiel to a valley. As Ezekiel looked around him, the valley was full and all he could see were dry bones, disassembled and scattered all around. God was telling His people that they had fallen away from Him.

He is going to tell Ezekiel His plan for restoring His people, using prophets like Ezekiel and with the Holy Spirit, or the Four Winds. God is ready to restore His people today. 

Group Dynamics

Leader: Daisy Schudmak

Contact info: dschudmak@cox.net

Days: Tuesdays

Times: 6:30pm

Dates:  6/2/20 - 7/21/20 

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*Group will meet via Zoom. Zoom info will be provided after sign up.

Sessions At A Glance:

Session 1: The Four Winds

Session 2: The Wind Patterns of the Spirit

Session 3: Mastering the Four Winds

Session 4: Welcoming the Winds

Session 5: The Whirlwind and the Prophetic

Session 6: The Breath of God into Alignment

Session 7: Faith Along an Unfamiliar Path

Session 8: Joshua the Champion of Kingdom Advancement