21 days of prayer & fasting

For the first twenty-one days of every year, Center Pointe Church enters a season of prayer and fasting. We focus daily on specific themes and persons who are near and dear to our congregation. Please join us in this season of consecration.


Day 1: America

Day 2: Israel

Day 3: CPC Leadership

Day 4: Gulf Coast

Day 5: Pastor Ted, Tonia and Family

Day 6: Schools

Day 7: Vision

Day 8: State

Day 9: Missionaries

Day 10: Law Enforcement

Day 11: Connect Group Leaders

Day 12: Prison Ministry

Day 13: Soldiers of the Cross Bikers Ministry

Day 14: Military

Day 15: Connect Group Ministry & Pastor Robby

Day 16: Children & Pastor Jason

Day 17: Youth Ministry & Pastor T

Day 18: Adult/Family Ministries & Pastor David

Day 19: Other Local Churches and Pastors

Day 20: Our United States President

Day 21: Pastor Ted's Call to Prayer